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The Power to Thrive

by Randy Kay

Join us for the most comprehensive program on thriving in life. I’ll discuss with you the foundations for thriving based on research over several decades, and I’ll help you develop the skills you can use to help you thrive in your career and life.  

About The Power to Thrive

These podcasts are based on decades of research involving the leading human and talent development organizations in the world, and they were created by studying over 14,000 thriving individuals and leaders to uncover the formula for a thriving life and career. The human development firm, PACEsetters ( created The Power to Thrive by assimilating all of the success factors for thriving, and then by determining the essential foundations along with the corresponding skills necessary to build those foundations. Hence, these podcasts express a comprehensive understanding of thriving in life that is well validated and practical in applying these key learnings to your life and career.  
Randy Kay

Randy Kay


Recent Episodes

The Foundations for Thriving In Life

Ready to learn how you can better thrive in your career and life? GREAT! Let’s get started…your best is just moments away! 


Curious kids fare better in their careers and life, and so do curious adults. But, somehow, as we grow older our curious nature begins to wane. This happens for a variety of reasons, and new research suggests that intellectual curiosity has a huge effect on performance and success. When put together, curiosity and innovation account for success even more than intelligence. Curiosity has been linked to a wide range of important adaptive behaviors including positive emotions and out-of-box thinking, attributes associated with thriving in life. In this episode we will discuss ways in which you can develop your curiosity, so that you can rekindle that childlike curiosity, and reach new heights of success.

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What Has Faith Got To Do With It?

Based on a multi-disciplinary study over three decades, Randy Kay explains the four (4) foundations that are critical for living a thriving life, and career. Listen to this podcast to understand the essential skills for developing these foundations, and how you can overcome just about any trial, and how you can create a thriving mindset, through the practice of these skills.

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The power to THRIVE

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Ready to learn how you can better thrive in your career and life? GREAT! Let’s get started…your best is just moments away!