What Has Faith Got To Do With It?

Our podcast host, Randy Kay, underwent a near-death experience from life-threatening blood clots and a drug resistant infection. His solution for getting through this most life-threatening situation? Someone bigger than anyone else, including the highly trained clinicians. When our trials and needs exceed human possibilities, belief in God is the answer. As a former agnostic, Randy details his death-defying story, and the exclusive way to thrive when all else fails.

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Randy Kay

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Curious kids fare better in their careers and life, and so do curious adults. But, somehow, as we grow older our curious nature begins to wane. This happens for a variety of reasons, and new research suggests that intellectual curiosity has a huge effect on performance and success. When put together, curiosity and innovation account for success even more than intelligence. Curiosity has been linked to a wide range of important adaptive behaviors including positive emotions and out-of-box thinking, attributes associated with thriving in life. In this episode we will discuss ways in which you can develop your curiosity, so that you can rekindle that childlike curiosity, and reach new heights of success.

Create the Passion, Create the Purpose

 Do you have passion for what you do? If not, your purpose may eventually succumb to the daily demands of life. Randy Kay explains one of the most successful corporate recoveries in history, and it began with a national crisis that caused several deaths. Finding your passion starts with the degree of importance you believe in accomplishing your purpose. Create your passion, and your purpose will surely succeed.

Redesigning Your Legacy

How would you write your obituary? One man opened the newspaper to discover his obituary published in the morning newspaper. The result was a complete reversal of this person’s purpose in life, and it helped change the world. In this episode Randy Kay begins the proven process for making your purpose a reality, through a plan that begins with answering this question: Who is the arbiter that will tell you when you’ve succeeded? That answer is key for making your plan a reality.


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