About Us

About The Power to Thrive Podcast


Our Goals and Vision

Our goal is pretty simple: To develop the foundations of a thriving career career and life for our listeners by sharing the stories and skills that should be helpful to live life to the fullest!

Our Story

The elusive search for the foundations and skills for thriving in life lasted almost 30 years, including some of the leading human and talent development organizations in the world. What resulted is The Power to Thrive, the most comprehensive and definitive program for teaching thriving skills to anyone interested in improving his or her life. What’s more, we looked at the faith based means for thriving in life, and how people can overcome suffering and all kinds of trials by tapping into their spiritual side. Our narrator, Randy Kay, faced a life threatening illness and a close encounter with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. You can read all about it with the publication of Randy’s newest book, Dying to Meet Jesus; and, he’ll be sharing some of his discoveries in these podcasts.

Who We Are

PACEsetters, the human development organization that created The Power to Thrive, includes dozens of researchers and trainers with decades of experience within Fortune 100 companies and leading institutions around the world. Randy Kay, our host, is the Chief Learning Officer for PACEsetters, having trained over one million people, and having written hundreds of articles for leading publications such as Forbes and Switch & Shift, and having been interviewed on radio and television shows reaching over 300 million people worldwide. Randy Kay also served as a business executive in Fortune 100 companies, started four successful companies, and has volunteered on the Board of Directors for over 20 philanthropies. He has authored three books, The Power to Thrive, The 22 Most Important Things, and Daily Keys to Success. His newest book is being published by Chosen/Baker Publishing, titled: Dying to Meet Jesus